Warm and luminous sunshine

Summer day for bathing. After all that winter, we enjoyed it every year, even if a year is milder, but the other one is pretty good enough to attack us half a metre of snow in April. So either way or on the contrary, we always have enough of it, because the minus temperatures will be sufficient after one day, when it freezes until it is roasted, so then we want the sunshine and warm, but we have to wait until the summer, when it is really beautiful and very warm days and n Eyes, so you can stand or even sleep under the wide, which must be a very pleasant experience, or also romantic, depending on your discretion, how you take it.
How to arrange it?
How to make sure you can go swimming? On a warm summer day you can certainly use the swimming pool, or water reservoirs, which are available for swims and for children to romp. Somebody's a slui, another one floats a hundred and six. Some of us, however, have a different way of doing it, and they have water right at home. They put the tablets in the pool and they can swim. The water is beautiful and clear, and nothing prevents them from refreshing whenever they want.

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