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Do you need to buy some nice accessories for water fun and do not know where to look for it? We would definitely recommend our shop, because in it you will find all necessary accessories and even all the necessary chemistry. Choose the best, you will not regret. If you need to link filtration directly to the pool, we also have products such as pool hoses that make it easy and quick to connect with other technical aids.
Pool Hoses advantageously
These products are manufactured in two standard diameters. The first one is 32 millimeters and the second is 38 millimeters. It will depend only on you, what type of filtration you have. The length is also different with the diameters. On the first case it will be divided by a section 1.1 meters and in the second case a section 1.5 meters. These products are in the form of goose neck, they can be easily connected and are made of very elastic material, which is resistant to water and sunlight. If you need any advice on products or want to help with your choice, you should definitely contact us.

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