Are children and pets destroying your furniture?

Again. The dog scratched the kitchen line again while you were at work. The children pulled the forks from their drawers and engraved their mysterious scribbles on the furniture and wall. In addition, the last time you failed to wash the stain thoroughly – from food? Or did the kids play with the colors? Lockers just look awful, but the whole line is otherwise actually OK, so why take a new one? Can't you fix it somehow? What about replacing the kitchen door? After all, the overall concept of the assembly suits you, the drawers work, the sink and the batteries are OK. So why spend wasted?
Customer in the first place
You're right. There's no need to throw away what works. If you only want to replace the door, come to us and choose from our catalogue. We approach our customers as regards, for example, dimensions and adjustments such as glass fillings, so do not worry that repairs would only be makeshift and you would have to compromise between your imagination and our possibilities.

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