A little bit of peace and luxury

He hoped she could find inspiration here, and that's exactly why he took it here. He heard from his colleague that it was beautiful here, quiet, secluded and very luxurious. He loved Lydia more than anyone, so of course he knew how to make her happy. Pull her out of their house somewhere out, indulge her with some interesting place where she surely awaits her inspiration. He hoped to distract her from the mild depression that had fallen upon her after the completion of a series of novel she had worked for almost six years.
A whole new story
He had recognized her in his eyes when, when he opened the massive dark wooden interior doors, she liked her here that she was imponating her. He knew the interior was more important than the exterior. He knew that he needed only a little support, a push to feel loved, safe and extraordinary, to find inspiration for another book.

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