A few general concepts

So let's try to say a few basic technical terms with which we will meet in inviting the pelmets to our home. First, it's a matter of how many hanging elements we need. Of course we do not ask about the number of windows in your apartment. The point is, if we choose single row or double row types. For example, if we have blinds in the windows, or we have external blinds, we do not need curtains and we will be satisfied with draperies. Then the single row version is sufficient. If we have curtains and curtains, we will choose double-row versions.
What does all this consist of?
The basis of the most used bar pelmets is, of course, a rod-up to 300 cm in most of the whole, from 300 cm from two parts with a middle sowing. The rod is stored in the beams. Up to 240 cm two, for a larger length of 3 beams. Finials-Finish with a decorative end of the rods. Rings with flip-flopers-on 10cm length of the rod is given 1pcs. The rings are smiling after the rods and the flip-flops hold the fabric-hanger. Mounting elements-simply dowels and screws, or bolts for the purpose of anchoring beams to the wall. And we're done. It's not too much, is it?

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